Glamour, Gidgets and the Girl Next Door

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Glamour, Gidgets and the Girl Next Door: Herbie J Pilato

Profiles are meant to highlight the life of someone in order for others to learn more about them. Within the pages of this book the author has created numerous profiles allowing readers to enter the worlds of so many that brought joy to our television screens for so many years each in their own unique way. Share the comedy of Sally Field in “”, Barbara Eden in, “I Dream of Jeannie,” and Mary Tyler Moore as Laura Petrie. Each section of this book is marked and filled with many different actresses that encompass different time periods in television history. Section One is titled The Jills of All Trades, the second The Teen Angels, the third the Country Girls, followed by Super Sleuths, Wonder Women and the Liberated Souls. Every section filled with explicit biographical information about each actress, their roles…

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Hideaway: Iris Johansen
Close your eyes and listen to the strings playing as they release their melodic sounds when the violinist takes his/her bow places on the violin and begins to create the music that will take you the listener to another world. Music provides a release from tension, from stress and can help relax you whether you are listening to the instrumentalist or playing an instrument yourself. Within this complex novel the author will introduce many new characters each one enduring his/her own pain, sorrow, joys and tragedies and each one connecting to the music they will hear in their own way. From discomfort to musical pleasure to confidence being restored to success in whatever they are planning or trying to do music plays an important role in this novel Enter the worlds of Eve Duncan and Joe Quinn and meet Cara Delaney an 11 year old child who…

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The Advocate’s Daughter

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The Advocates’s Daughter: Anthony Franze

Within the law community there are many who follow the rules and others who find it necessary to break them, stretch the truth and find ways to create situations that would benefit them, help them to rise in the ranks and obtain positions of power. Sean Serrat, is a Supreme Court lawyer whose youth is pictured and depicted in the prologue as he and his friends get drunk, get into a fight and wind up killing someone. Thinking that his past is behind him and becoming what some would call a model citizen or adult, Sean finds himself once again hoping to respect the oaths he took yet unfortunately defending more than his past but the events that will change his life in the present. Tired, overworked and hoping to return a phone call from this daughter, he never realizes that by not calling her…

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The 14th Colony

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The 14th Colony: Steve Berry

During a special private meeting at Vatican City, President Reagan and Pope John Paul II discuss the fate of Russia and how they would orchestrate a plan to bring down the USSR. The plan they thought foolproof called Forward Pass and players many but the end result would bring the USSR crawling on her knees and a fallout what would come back to haunt the United States in the present. Terminating the Soviet Union by creating an economic and political demise was just the beginning as the story continues in the present with the final days of President Danny Daniels administration, the end of the Magellan Billet, found as the central of key in all of the author’s novels being a covert intelligence unit that is under the radar and whose primary purpose is working within the Justice Department on missions that the government…

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Lying in Judgment

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Title: Lying in Judgment

Author: Gary Corbin

ISBN: 978-0692642689

Publisher: Double Diamond Publishing


Sometimes what seems to be the truth or you think is reality is not. A fight with his wife learning she is having an affair with someone else leads Peter Robertson on a downward spiral that will take him back to one night when he took someone’s life only to learn the truth that will haunt him in the present. Arguing with the man he thinks is sleeping with his wife, having followed him from the restaurant they were having dinner, Peter never once realizes that the car he is following and the man he would eventually murder is not the man Marcia, his wife is having the affair with and the murder that he committed in a violent and tragic rage is about to create a situation that Peter will come face to face with…

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The Steel Kiss

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The Steel Kiss: Jeffrey Deaver

Technology and its advances are at the root of this complex novel. Imagine coming out of work, going on an escalator and getting crushed to death trapped in the escalator’s shaft. Imagine having no way out even when help has arrived and a vicious killer uses this as a diversion to get away from the detective chasing him. Amelia Sachs is chasing this killer and comes across Greg Fromme caught in the shaft of this escalator with no way to turn it off or prevent what happens next. Imagine being able to create this man’s death using a remote control device not anywhere near the escalator. Imagine your microwave being operated remotely, or your toaster oven getting turned on when you are not home or even someone starting your car without any keys, just think of the possibilities and the end results if someone has…

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Soldier With a Backpack Living and Dying Simultaneously: Linda Diane Wattley

Images and look deep within your eyes to find whom you really are and why you are here on this earth? Everyone is here for a reason and all too often there are others who will beat us down, manipulate us and create fear within our minds, hearts and souls in order to limit our options and make us feel unworthy. But, what happens when someone you love betrayals your trust, claims they love you more than just words can say and you are no longer safe. You awaken in your own bed yet you know something has happened and not being able to verbalize or explain it makes it fester within you for a long time. Friendships do not come easily and a mother who falls prey to the violent hand of a father you want to love…

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Veil of Deception

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Veil of Deception: Michael Byars Lewis

Plots are often formed in order to reel in a prey and make them believe something that is not true. It’s a simple trick or scheme orchestrated to get the person what they want at any cost to the mark or their target. Deceiving them is not an issue and the end result may be taken things you don’t really need from people that fall for your line of deception and get you want you want. The items in question might be things you don’t need or really want but by making them believe they are helping you, that person might go on a ride that will lead to their downfall. Jason Conrad is an instructor at Vance Air Force Base and loves to fly. When he takes on a flight student and the plane malfunctions and they have to eject was it an…

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The Ebola Game

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The Ebola Game : Glenn Shepard

What happens when one man decides to play God and creates a diabolical plot to rid the world of anyone who does not agree with his thoughts and ideologies? What happens when one man manages to create an epidemic of mass proportions that will rock the world and take down as many people as possible? What happens when America is on notice from a man claiming to be part of ISIS and having his own agenda to turn humans into Zombies, create his own means of doing that and hopefully spread the Ebola virus worldwide killing anyone in his path that dares to defy his mind and wishes. Dr. Scott James s the Chief of Staff of a hospital and hopes to remain in that position.

ISIS terrorists are behind this plot to create an Ebola epidemic in America as we hear the voice…

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Blind Spots

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Blind Spots: Patrick Garry

Facades and outward, superficial appearances or illusions that someone wants others to think when looking at them like the public, friends or even family pretending to be someone they are not. Within this complex novel the author takes us deep inside the lives, minds, fears, hopes and desires of four characters whose lives intertwine in a way that most will never suspect and explain why there are so many areas where we cannot see, where we have a tendency to ignore something in front of us because it is difficult or yields something unpleasant or a small area at the back of the eye that is not sensitive to light causing many to have in all three cases Blind Spots to the world, realities and life. What happens when faced with a murder so heinous that the police look for anyone to arrest just to make…

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