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Can A Princess Be a Firefighter: Carole P. Roman

Can a princess be a firefighter? That question is answered within the pages of this story told in rhyme by author Carole P. Roman and illustrated by Mateya Arkova. The colorful illustrations bring the story to life as one little girl decides whether all the crowns and jewels in the world can make her anything she wants to be and more. With a smart mother she learns that she can be anything, anywhere and anyplace. That is truly exciting! Thinking about all of the options she hones in dentist, danger and even reporter. What about painter, mime or accountant the possibilities are limitless, as you will learn. Thinking that she wants to do all of those things she has to find out if she can do them and still be a princess and wear her special fairy wings.
Some girls might…

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Murder by Design

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Murder by Design: Betty Tima Gordon

Meeting someone special was what Sharon Berg hoped for and the someone special was law student David Farrell. Going to bars finding herself in the same one every Friday night, hoping that David would pay attention to her only made her vulnerable to his insults and lack of interest. When David finally does take some notice of Sharon a coin that she is wearing around her neck given to her that belonged to her brother causes him to run out of the bar and steer clear of her. Not knowing what caused him to run out, hoping to see him and catch his attention when he returned Sharon never realized that some attractions could be more than just fatal.

David Farrell has a secret that he does not want exposed and although he is charming, handsome and sort after. Paul Barlow is homicide division…

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