The Steel Kiss

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The Steel Kiss: Jeffrey Deaver

Technology and its advances are at the root of this complex novel. Imagine coming out of work, going on an escalator and getting crushed to death trapped in the escalator’s shaft. Imagine having no way out even when help has arrived and a vicious killer uses this as a diversion to get away from the detective chasing him. Amelia Sachs is chasing this killer and comes across Greg Fromme caught in the shaft of this escalator with no way to turn it off or prevent what happens next. Imagine being able to create this man’s death using a remote control device not anywhere near the escalator. Imagine your microwave being operated remotely, or your toaster oven getting turned on when you are not home or even someone starting your car without any keys, just think of the possibilities and the end results if someone has…

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Soldier With a Backpack Living and Dying Simultaneously: Linda Diane Wattley

Images and look deep within your eyes to find whom you really are and why you are here on this earth? Everyone is here for a reason and all too often there are others who will beat us down, manipulate us and create fear within our minds, hearts and souls in order to limit our options and make us feel unworthy. But, what happens when someone you love betrayals your trust, claims they love you more than just words can say and you are no longer safe. You awaken in your own bed yet you know something has happened and not being able to verbalize or explain it makes it fester within you for a long time. Friendships do not come easily and a mother who falls prey to the violent hand of a father you want to love…

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Veil of Deception

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Veil of Deception: Michael Byars Lewis

Plots are often formed in order to reel in a prey and make them believe something that is not true. It’s a simple trick or scheme orchestrated to get the person what they want at any cost to the mark or their target. Deceiving them is not an issue and the end result may be taken things you don’t really need from people that fall for your line of deception and get you want you want. The items in question might be things you don’t need or really want but by making them believe they are helping you, that person might go on a ride that will lead to their downfall. Jason Conrad is an instructor at Vance Air Force Base and loves to fly. When he takes on a flight student and the plane malfunctions and they have to eject was it an…

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The Ebola Game

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The Ebola Game : Glenn Shepard

What happens when one man decides to play God and creates a diabolical plot to rid the world of anyone who does not agree with his thoughts and ideologies? What happens when one man manages to create an epidemic of mass proportions that will rock the world and take down as many people as possible? What happens when America is on notice from a man claiming to be part of ISIS and having his own agenda to turn humans into Zombies, create his own means of doing that and hopefully spread the Ebola virus worldwide killing anyone in his path that dares to defy his mind and wishes. Dr. Scott James s the Chief of Staff of a hospital and hopes to remain in that position.

ISIS terrorists are behind this plot to create an Ebola epidemic in America as we hear the voice…

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