Veil of Deception

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Veil of Deception: Michael Byars Lewis

Plots are often formed in order to reel in a prey and make them believe something that is not true. It’s a simple trick or scheme orchestrated to get the person what they want at any cost to the mark or their target. Deceiving them is not an issue and the end result may be taken things you don’t really need from people that fall for your line of deception and get you want you want. The items in question might be things you don’t need or really want but by making them believe they are helping you, that person might go on a ride that will lead to their downfall. Jason Conrad is an instructor at Vance Air Force Base and loves to fly. When he takes on a flight student and the plane malfunctions and they have to eject was it an…

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The Ebola Game

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The Ebola Game : Glenn Shepard

What happens when one man decides to play God and creates a diabolical plot to rid the world of anyone who does not agree with his thoughts and ideologies? What happens when one man manages to create an epidemic of mass proportions that will rock the world and take down as many people as possible? What happens when America is on notice from a man claiming to be part of ISIS and having his own agenda to turn humans into Zombies, create his own means of doing that and hopefully spread the Ebola virus worldwide killing anyone in his path that dares to defy his mind and wishes. Dr. Scott James s the Chief of Staff of a hospital and hopes to remain in that position.

ISIS terrorists are behind this plot to create an Ebola epidemic in America as we hear the voice…

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Blind Spots

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Blind Spots: Patrick Garry

Facades and outward, superficial appearances or illusions that someone wants others to think when looking at them like the public, friends or even family pretending to be someone they are not. Within this complex novel the author takes us deep inside the lives, minds, fears, hopes and desires of four characters whose lives intertwine in a way that most will never suspect and explain why there are so many areas where we cannot see, where we have a tendency to ignore something in front of us because it is difficult or yields something unpleasant or a small area at the back of the eye that is not sensitive to light causing many to have in all three cases Blind Spots to the world, realities and life. What happens when faced with a murder so heinous that the police look for anyone to arrest just to make…

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Fool Me Once: Harlan Coben

Illusions are often created and many will not see past them as Maya Burkett faces harsh realities with this multi-plot complex novel by author Harlan Coben. Her husband and sister were both killed and when the evidence points to the fact that the same gun was used to kill them both Maya begins to probe deeper into her sister’s murder and falls prey to her own shortcomings. In the military and a veteran war pilot, she has flashbacks that haunt her every night and the end result keeps her awake. Medication, counseling and even trying to reconcile what she did when so many died and civilian lives were lost, haunt her but not in the way most would think. Maya just wants to learn the truth behind Joe’s death and in doing so we get to learn a lot about how far she will go…

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Spectrum: Alan Jacobson

Sometimes a person can sense when they need to follow their own instincts and leave caution to the wind. Other times this ability to realize that something is off, that you need to retrace your steps can place you and others in danger but Karen Vail is persistent, tenacious, astute and although a first year cop when the main part of this story first occurs she realizes years later that a killer has come back to haunt her. On a plane with her Roberto her boyfriend, now both FBI agents and arresting a killer who murdered women in a killing spree that last for 20 years, Karen remembers the first time she entered a crime scene that resembles something in the present. Arresting the right person might be what it looks like but something about it feels off and instead of getting ready to go off with…

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When Shadows Come: Vincent Zandri

Shades of black, shades of grey and translucent white all are part of the world of Nick Angel as he tries to see the world through different eyes. Each day he struggles to find his way around and hopes that someday the blindness that has taken over his eyes whether permanently or temporarily will cease to hamper his life and give him back what the war in Afghanistan took away. His mind is alert his feelings are vividly described as we learn about his PTSD and related blindness. A Captain in the service and losing his sight on his last tour, he hopes to do more than just rekindle his relationship with his fiancée Grace in Italy. But, things do not always turn out the way you want and the author creatively creates the beginning scenes filled with humor, sarcasm and tension between the two…

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Two reviews in one

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Can A Princess Be a Firefighter: Carole P. Roman

Can a princess be a firefighter? That question is answered within the pages of this story told in rhyme by author Carole P. Roman and illustrated by Mateya Arkova. The colorful illustrations bring the story to life as one little girl decides whether all the crowns and jewels in the world can make her anything she wants to be and more. With a smart mother she learns that she can be anything, anywhere and anyplace. That is truly exciting! Thinking about all of the options she hones in dentist, danger and even reporter. What about painter, mime or accountant the possibilities are limitless, as you will learn. Thinking that she wants to do all of those things she has to find out if she can do them and still be a princess and wear her special fairy wings.
Some girls might…

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