Nothing but Echoes

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Nothing But Echoes: Anne Montgomery

Tapestries are often woven to tell the stories of both the past and the present in an intricately crafted way. Each square or picture on the tapestry tells its own story. Some are told out of turn while others create a story that will take viewers from the past to the present and back again in order to learn the secrets, history and wonders of tow time periods. Nothing But Echoes takes readers back to 1098 and then into the present with a mystery that one freelance reporter hopes to solve in the present but first the author introduces us to the reason in the past. Kate Butler wants to learn as much as she can about someone called The Magician that lived so many years ago. Artifacts found and possible funerary items back in 1939 peeked the interest of many as a description of…

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Making decisions can take quite a long time when it involves buying a car, a new home, deciding to change jobs or even just buying an air conditioner. Decisions come in all shapes and sizes as some are more crucial than others. Authors Terry Bresnick and Omar Periu have written a book that everyone, including this reviewer, can use to help them make important decisions but first you need to understand the definition FOCCUSSED Decision Making and much more. I hate making decisions too when it involves buying large ticket items. But, in the past month I had to make a medical decision and receiving this book just before making my final choice as to what medical procedure would be the best one for me, I decided to read this book and get a better handle on making the decision and…

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Blood Flag

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Blood Flag: Steve Martini

Assisted  death is at the heart of this mystery/thriller by author Steve Martini. Emma Brauer is sixty-three years old and has been accused of assisting the death of her father, Robert Brauer. Although he was quite ill and was suffering for a long time, he entered a hospital where he would spend his final days. Devoted to him and concerned for his welfare Emma took the initiative to place him somewhere she thought was safe. Paul Madriani and Harry Hinds have been hired by Emma to defend her and prove her innocent when the police decide she is guilty. But, before he died her father received a package containing a photo and a key, which she was told to place in his safety deposit box in the bank. Never questioning what it was nor did she ask who the mysterious caller was that haunted his waking…

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A Long Walk with Sally

A Long Walk With Sally: David Clark Jr.     Life takes on different meanings for all of us at different times of our lives. Events that happen can spiral out of control and be beyond your…

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A Long Walk with Sally

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A Long Walk With Sally: David Clark Jr.

Life takes on different meanings for all of us at different times of our lives. Events that happen can spiral out of control and be beyond your viewpoints and control causing havoc, chaos and in this case sadness. When taking a look at life the author’s perspective and ability to handle, stress, work, strife and life in general changed. On April 4, 2004 a young man chose to have six drinks and 3 shooters as they are called in a bar with some friends. But, even though he was over the limit and appeared inebriated no one tried to stop him from what happened next. The bartender and the owners never thought to cut off him and neither offered to take his car keys and send him home by cab. His friends believed him that he could drive and the end result…

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If You Were Me and Lived in Renaissance Italy: Carole R. Roman author/Illustrated by Silvia Brunetti

Close your eyes and take a trip back to 1483 and meet the great artists, sculptors, architects, rulers and the people of this great time period called the Renaissance. Imagine living in Tuscany right outside of Florence, Italy. Check out the map on page 3. See the two views of Florence one in the present and on page 5 the past. Notice the changes in the present where the architecture is more pronounced and in the past where Florence was ruled by the Medicis a rich and powerful family.

Names of children would bee different. You might be called Dolce or Lisabetta if you were a girl. Your parents might decide to name you Lorenzo or Cosimo if you were a boy. The author continues with a description of the Middle Ages, the dangers…

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Ghostbird: CAN YOU HEAR ME?

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Ghostbird: Carol lovekin

How do you deal with life when you feel that you don’t exist and to the world you appear invisible? What happens when you think you have a perfect life and realize that it is an illusion? How can you forgive who you are when you cannot forgive yourself? What happens when secrets and lies become part of your everyday life as you search for answers as to who you really are? Two women and one fourteen year old teen are at the center of this novel as we meet Violet a mother who despises the sight of her daughter, Cadi, and resents her relationship with her Aunt Lili. Like a cookie with a cream filled inside Cadi feels stuffed in the middle or a sandwich with three layers and she is the one that is squashed between the two slices of bread with no where to…

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The Between Times

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The Between Times

Living in a world without freedom and taking away the rights of people is not uncommon even today. Within the fictional world created by the author we meet Benjamin and Jewell who lives in a world filled with darkness, fear, despair and hope. Corporations rule and the people unless they are of the right color, race, religious background and have the qualities and characteristics they feel belong within their world they are cast aside. Imagine a state with barriers separating the upper and lower towns as they are called. The upper as you can guess for the rich and those that belong to the corporate world and the lower for the cast asides, indigent and anyone not fit to be in the upper realm. As the story opens we hear the cries and screams of Benjamin as his wife is being killed for having the nerve and…

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Perfection Often Comes at a High Price

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The Murder that Never Was: Andrea Kane

Imagine a perfect diamond with an E quality clarity, perfect color, cut, and carat and weight shape. Imagine holding it in the palm of your hand. Polished diamonds are valuable and the value is based on several factors. Rarity, which means that particular one is hard to come by and has qualities that are more rare and worth more. It is hard to evaluate or compare the qualities of one diamond over another without using a grading system. Diamonds can be classified by clarity, color cut, carat and weight shape each having its own distinct shape and form. Some are round, princess or radiant. Imagine how priceless some of these might be. No imperfections, no flaws and a diamond of the highest clarity. The cut of this stone would determine tits brilliance, its sparkle and the weight or number of carats the size…

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Checked Out

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Checked Out: Daniel Harris

Would you give up your job or take on a second one as a challenge in order to bring a failing company in the red into the black? What would happen if you agreed to take on this job for a short time and you were guaranteed a huge payout at the end? But, when the reality sets in and you learn that you were carefully hand picked for the job to replace the original CEO who was murdered and are offered the job would you take it? Alex Santone was the CEO of Food Basket, which is an 80-store chain that is housed in Providence. But, someone dislikes him and decides to take him out in his own living room but why? Offered the mob at Food Basket Russell Riley with the advice of his wife and lawyer Holly, decides that this would be a…

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