Deadly Obsession: Spotlight

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Deadly Obsession: Elle James

A young nine-year-old child is thrilled that she has been given something to cherish from her teacher. A special music box perfectly wrapped and protected for staying after class and helping her teacher with many important tasks. But, nine year old Julia is sidetracked as she is walking home alone after school and what happens next will haunt her forever as she disappears, someone takes her but she cannot recall why. The house where she lived filled her with nightmares and her mother Sarah packed up their belongings and they moved away. A single house with so many horrific memories standing alone and silent for 17 years until Jillian Taylor decided to buy the house for herself and awaken its beauty. Can a house be so terrifying that what happens there will destroy your mind and soul? Can a house really be that haunted that real…

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Veil of Deception

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Veil of Deception: Michael Byars Lewis

Plots are often formed in order to reel in a prey and make them believe something that is not true. It’s a simple trick or scheme orchestrated to get the person what they want at any cost to the mark or their target. Deceiving them is not an issue and the end result may be taken things you don’t really need from people that fall for your line of deception and get you want you want. The items in question might be things you don’t need or really want but by making them believe they are helping you, that person might go on a ride that will lead to their downfall. Jason Conrad is an instructor at Vance Air Force Base and loves to fly. When he takes on a flight student and the plane malfunctions and they have to eject was it an…

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