The Paris Librarian

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The Paris Librarian: Mark Pryor

Within the annals of this library you will find many who will take care of the books, the letters and special donations that make this library stand out. Paul Rogers is the director of the American Library in Paris and his friend Hugo Marston is coming to visit him there. Hugo is head of security at the American Embassy in Paris and worked several functions there for the ambassador and Rogers his contact. Hugo realized that there is much more to his friend Paul that meets the eye and checking into his past yielded some interesting and colorful information. Working for the Ambassador it was necessary to learn more about Rogers and his past. Going to meet his friend was a priority as he wanted to attend a special sale of rare books and hoped to attain a first edition of In Cold Blood signed…

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Mercy: Michael Palmer/Daniel Palmer

A person’s right to live or end their life is at the heart of the novel. Terminally ill patients might decide to have their life support instruments disbanded and disconnected when their heart stops preferring not to be resuscitated. Having a DNR in place allows this to happen. But, what happens when a suicide or death is done with the help of a doctor? When the suicide or death of the patient is orchestrated and facilitated by means as a drug prescription or by information as an indication of someone adding a lethal dose of something to their IV as long as long as the doctor that is administering this lethal drug is sure of the patient’s wishes and intent. Mercy Killing, Euthanasia, hastening the death of someone by changing some form of support and letting nature or death take its course is what happens when…

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The Enigmatologist

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The Enigmatologist: Ben Adams

Many people were enamored with the sound and songs of Elvis Aaron Presley from the first time he took center stage. His performances were unique, his sound was different and he became more than just an icon to the public but a symbol of change in the music business. Throughout his career many found him mysterious, some thought that he might have unusual powers and others just wanted to be like him or him. Imagine hundreds of people lining up to see if they could try out as his body double and stand on stage pretending to be Elvis and living an unusual dream. This novel centers on a single photograph that someone took thinking she spotted Elvis in the present and hoping it was authentic and that the King as he was referred to was alive.

John Abernathy is in his twenties and living a…

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