Sayonara Slam

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Sayonara Slam (A Mas Arai Mystery) Paperback – April 26, 2016

Mas Arai is a gardener who has a hand in finding our who killed a reporter name Itai covering a game at Dodger Stadium between Japan and Korea in the World Baseball Classic. But, murders happen when you least expect them and before the pitcher can throw the first pitch this reporter is dead. Mas is a gardener from Altadena California who English is fair and who winds up working for Itai’s replacement. Imagine a woman who can throw knuckleball pitches to warm up the Japanese Team? Imagine poor Mas in the middle of this intrigue hoping to get paid a lot of money, worrying his daughter who wants to know his whereabouts all the time and the comedy of this almost 80 year old man learning how to use a cell phone. Mas is a great character and…

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The Enigmatolist: Spotlight Ben Adams

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The Enigmatologist: Ben Adams

Many people were enamored with the sound and songs of Elvis Aaron Presley from the first time he took center stage. His performances were unique, his sound was different and he became more than just an icon to the public but a symbol of change in the music business. Throughout his career many found him mysterious, some thought that he might have unusual powers and others just wanted to be like him or him. Imagine hundreds of people lining up to see if they could try out as his body double and stand on stage pretending to be Elvis and living an unusual dream. This novel centers on a single photograph that someone took thinking she spotted Elvis in the present and hoping it was authentic and that the King as he was referred to was alive.

John Abernathy is in his twenties and living a…

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