Perfection Often Comes at a High Price

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The Murder that Never Was: Andrea Kane

Imagine a perfect diamond with an E quality clarity, perfect color, cut, and carat and weight shape. Imagine holding it in the palm of your hand. Polished diamonds are valuable and the value is based on several factors. Rarity, which means that particular one is hard to come by and has qualities that are more rare and worth more. It is hard to evaluate or compare the qualities of one diamond over another without using a grading system. Diamonds can be classified by clarity, color cut, carat and weight shape each having its own distinct shape and form. Some are round, princess or radiant. Imagine how priceless some of these might be. No imperfections, no flaws and a diamond of the highest clarity. The cut of this stone would determine tits brilliance, its sparkle and the weight or number of carats the sizeā€¦

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