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If You Were Me and Lived in Renaissance Italy: Carole R. Roman author/Illustrated by Silvia Brunetti

Close your eyes and take a trip back to 1483 and meet the great artists, sculptors, architects, rulers and the people of this great time period called the Renaissance. Imagine living in Tuscany right outside of Florence, Italy. Check out the map on page 3. See the two views of Florence one in the present and on page 5 the past. Notice the changes in the present where the architecture is more pronounced and in the past where Florence was ruled by the Medicis a rich and powerful family.

Names of children would bee different. You might be called Dolce or Lisabetta if you were a girl. Your parents might decide to name you Lorenzo or Cosimo if you were a boy. The author continues with a description of the Middle Ages, the dangers…

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Ghostbird: CAN YOU HEAR ME?

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Ghostbird: Carol lovekin

How do you deal with life when you feel that you don’t exist and to the world you appear invisible? What happens when you think you have a perfect life and realize that it is an illusion? How can you forgive who you are when you cannot forgive yourself? What happens when secrets and lies become part of your everyday life as you search for answers as to who you really are? Two women and one fourteen year old teen are at the center of this novel as we meet Violet a mother who despises the sight of her daughter, Cadi, and resents her relationship with her Aunt Lili. Like a cookie with a cream filled inside Cadi feels stuffed in the middle or a sandwich with three layers and she is the one that is squashed between the two slices of bread with no where to…

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