The Art of Risk

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The Art of Risk

Taking chances and risks is something many will steer away from where others are more adventurous and will attempt just about anything. Author Kayt Sukel starts out her book with her adventure meeting someone, getting married quite fast and then becoming a mother only to learn that she made a mistake. Single parenthood is not easy and dealing with life became more of a challenge. Where she took more chances and you might say lived life more on the edge she became more complacent, more ordinary and fit into the norm of everyday living by playing it safe and not dealing with too many challenges that might hinder her stability. Was she no longer a risk taker? What would add some spice or adventure to her life? The Art of Risk deals with this very question and much more. The author defines risk in many ways…

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Can you ever really create a system that will beat the odds and the house when gambling? Numbers are at the core of this novel as Ben Andrews uses his abilities as an accountant, risk taking and understanding patterns and numbers to create a system that most of us would like to be in on in order to win the lottery. But, he does not win one windfall he wins a little at a time and then accumulated 65 million dollars. The problem is he does not know what to do with his wealth. He has no idea how to save, spend or even use it for good. Alone and feeling that he needs to do something out of his comfort zone he takes a trip and before his plane lands he meets a stewardess named Wendy who for some reason has captivated him in more…

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Student Bodies: Susan Israel

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student-bodies-susan-israel-e1462317202550susan-israel-e1462317238516-1Student Bodies: Susan Israel

In a perfect world where there is harmony, unity and everyone obeys the laws children attend school and everyone is able to learn in an environment that is safe from harm. Imagine a place where the laws and social conditions are perfect. Wouldn’t that be great! But, reality sets in and the real world is not perfect and unfortunately kids go to school, some are bullied, others soar and some land in jail. Circumstances that often hinder their progress can be a simple as family problems, financial stress or even drug abuse. When entering a school the students should feel safe, able to talk with teachers and not worry about being harassed by other students. Wouldn’t that be nice? Meet the staff of Greenwood Middle School and enter at your own risk as Delilah Price has now been hired as a substitute teacher for another substitute…

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In the Clearing: Robert Dugoni

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IN THE CLEARING: Robert Dugoni.
Closure is something everyone needs whether it’s a relationship that has gone south, a job that they have gotten fired from or in this case the truth behind a death. Sometimes what appears to be the cause of death or the result of a situation may look like one thing on the surface but when you scratch beneath the dust, mud, dirt, grass and dig down into the deepest layer of earth you might find the truth. A young 17-year-old girl named Kimi Kansaket is missing after working her shift at the Columbia Diner. Kimi was a senior in high school with a bright future as a track star and dated a young man named Tommy Moore. But, when she does not return home from her shift at the diner her parents became concerned and called it in to law enforcement. The year is 1976…

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Promises: Ardyce Durham

Friendships are valuable and long lasting when you are compatible, have the same interests and even know how to have fund and get into trouble together hoping not to get caught. High jinks, practical jokes, laughs and definitely having fun at the expense of others were just some of the ways we can describe Owen Cartwright and his best friend Weston Walker. Born just four weeks apart these two were inseparable from the moment they could talk, walk, run and find their way along the river to catch squirrels, rabbits and whatever came along. Harmon Walker and Monroe Cartwright were best friends too and the fathers of these two rascals. Jane and Mary Elizabeth their mothers were even closer. Imagine getting skunked: I did. Imagine having to sleep outside until the smell wears off! No fun! The beginning of the book deals with the antics of these…

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Temple of Heaven and Earth

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Temple of Heaven and Earth: Thomas Karl Dietrich

When reading this in-depth and highly informative book I decided to focus on the areas, which I felt most interesting, and what I learned after reading it. Let’s begin with the fact that all life on Earth relies upon energy and go from there. The chapter continues with how the life of honeybees focuses upon energy management in their food supply which helps to maintain their core hive temperature enabling them to survive in the winter. The author goes on the explain that in order to give bee-scouts the extra food to discover new hive sites for the new queen bee swarm in order to sustain new worker bees and drones the honeybees need to focus on energy management. The author relates much information within the pages of Chapter One that explains the role of Astronomy in Energy. Astronomers recognize that the…

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Enemy of my Enemy

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Enemy of My Enemy: Allan Topol

Creating peace within the world today seems like an insurmountable task and one that is a never going to happen. Every major and even minor power has the desire to be feared, have nuclear power and to destroy their enemies. Throughout history there are countries that are considered allies and others that are a threat to the safety and well being of others. Imagine the diabolical mind of Syrian General named Nadim who has captured an American pilot and decided to use him as a pawn in his sadistic plot. A plan that he has created, orchestrated, coordinated and devised that will make Syria a dangerous nuclear power and bring both America and Israel to their knees as he hopes to get Iran and Turkey to go along with his plot and take out both major powers. But, one man who works undercover for…

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Guns and weapons being brought into Boston and hopefully sent back to Ireland are at the heart of this novel. Assault rifles and others have been brought here into Boston Harbor and then hopefully ordered to be sent to Ireland . Cal O’Brian and Dante Cooper have tried to rid Boston are the Irish Mob. The political landscape of the city and the culture of the people described lets readers know early on that everyone is out for themselves hoping to own and claim parts of the city. We Are Kings is a highly complex novel that flashes back and forth between different locations in Boston and Ireland. The heat is oppressive as the authors describe the stagnant area, the lack of air conditioning and the smells that fill the air as people attend to their lives. The tension and stress is compounded by the heat and…

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Revenants: Scott Kauffman

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Revenants: Scott Kauffman

Imagine spending your life in a hospital bed because someone wants you hidden. Imagine returning after death or a long absence. When returning from the beyond this figure or person might be prompted by revenge or in other cases it can be a creature or in this case a man whose desire to fulfill a special goal hoping not to die alone might bring him back to return a dead hero. Within the pages of this novel you will see the bodies of soldiers that are no longer whole. The mortar, shells, the gunfire and the death toll rises around these soldiers sent to fight what many think is a senseless war. Hoping someday to survive each battle, some taking blame when their troops are killed and yet others courageous yet disheartened in the end. This novel has many themes and is quite complex. As the story…

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Serpents in the Cold

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The time period is 1951 the place is Boston and the air is cold, dank, damp and the sky is filled with freezing snow falling to the ground. The streets are filthy, the area is filled with drugs and danger and the city and the scenery is depressing. Scollay Square is where the story takes place in this city but the descriptions, the people the apartments and houses are so worn down and so unkempt it reminds me of a battered world where everything is torn apart. The radiators in the apartments barely bring up the heat and the lower areas of the windows are not insulated and most people freeze. The streets are not cleaned and when the authors describe the windows, the restaurants, bars and coffee shops you wonder why anyone would frequent them. Within in culture lives Cal ‘Obrien and Dante Cooper who have been friends forever…

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