Forgive Me

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Forgive Me: Daniel Palmer

Angie Derose and Nadine Jessup came from two different families and two different worlds yet they were the same. Nadine’s parents were neglectful, hard on her and never really supported anything she did. Although she always got high grades in school her mother never complimented or praised her and threatened if she did not do well. Verbally abusive, a father who sent tons of money but no love or hugs, just guilt money, neither parent saw what others might have had they been looking closer: A sad, lonely, angry and dejected teen whose mother spent her days drinking and abusing liquor, going through the motions of life and not wanting any responsibilities that go along with it.

Angie Derose is a private investigator whose primary goal is to find runaways or throwaway whether children, teens or adults. Angie’s family is different from Nadine’s in that her…

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