The Seven Year Dress: POWERFUL

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The Seven-Year Dress

A country and a world blindsided by the greed, prejudice and overpowering attitude of one man that took the world by storm and left devastation, annihilation and terror within the hearts of so many. Grief and sadness are not strong enough words to relate how anyone with feelings and a heart comes away after reading the story of one young girl who would never lose faith, face or her dignity no matter how many times she was belittled, tortured and berated: Helen Stein: this is for you!

With the Holocaust looming around the corner and Hitler slowly rising through the ranks it is sad that the people living in Berlin had to be subjected to this pompous, zealous and self-absorbed poor excuse of a human. Helen is strong minded and although faced with critical choices from the beginning and hoping to find a way to listen to…

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