Serpents in the Cold

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The time period is 1951 the place is Boston and the air is cold, dank, damp and the sky is filled with freezing snow falling to the ground. The streets are filthy, the area is filled with drugs and danger and the city and the scenery is depressing. Scollay Square is where the story takes place in this city but the descriptions, the people the apartments and houses are so worn down and so unkempt it reminds me of a battered world where everything is torn apart. The radiators in the apartments barely bring up the heat and the lower areas of the windows are not insulated and most people freeze. The streets are not cleaned and when the authors describe the windows, the restaurants, bars and coffee shops you wonder why anyone would frequent them. Within in culture lives Cal ‘Obrien and Dante Cooper who have been friends forever…

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Synoposis: Debai Betrayal: Jeremy Burns

During a desperate attempt to rally support for a controversial Middle Eastern peace summit, U.S. Ambassador Christine Needham is kidnapped on an unauthorized visit to Dubai. Forced to walk a thin line between diplomacy and effectiveness, President James Talquin assembles a new covert team, helmed by black ops veteran Wayne Wilkins, to rescue the ambassador before she is executed by terrorists. But the ambassador is in possession of a dangerous secret, one that, if not recovered in time, could lead to the most devastating terror attack in history.

Now Wayne and his team are on a collision course with unseen forces that seem to be manipulating world powers toward a devastating conclusion. With a nuclear apocalypse just hours away, the operatives must confront a new kind of jihad, one that breaks all the rules of warfare and terrorism.

But all of the players may not…

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