Temple of Heaven and Earth

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Temple of Heaven and Earth: Thomas Karl Dietrich

When reading this in-depth and highly informative book I decided to focus on the areas, which I felt most interesting, and what I learned after reading it. Let’s begin with the fact that all life on Earth relies upon energy and go from there. The chapter continues with how the life of honeybees focuses upon energy management in their food supply which helps to maintain their core hive temperature enabling them to survive in the winter. The author goes on the explain that in order to give bee-scouts the extra food to discover new hive sites for the new queen bee swarm in order to sustain new worker bees and drones the honeybees need to focus on energy management. The author relates much information within the pages of Chapter One that explains the role of Astronomy in Energy. Astronomers recognize that the…

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Enemy of my Enemy

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Enemy of My Enemy: Allan Topol

Creating peace within the world today seems like an insurmountable task and one that is a never going to happen. Every major and even minor power has the desire to be feared, have nuclear power and to destroy their enemies. Throughout history there are countries that are considered allies and others that are a threat to the safety and well being of others. Imagine the diabolical mind of Syrian General named Nadim who has captured an American pilot and decided to use him as a pawn in his sadistic plot. A plan that he has created, orchestrated, coordinated and devised that will make Syria a dangerous nuclear power and bring both America and Israel to their knees as he hopes to get Iran and Turkey to go along with his plot and take out both major powers. But, one man who works undercover for…

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