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Promises: Ardyce Durham

Friendships are valuable and long lasting when you are compatible, have the same interests and even know how to have fund and get into trouble together hoping not to get caught. High jinks, practical jokes, laughs and definitely having fun at the expense of others were just some of the ways we can describe Owen Cartwright and his best friend Weston Walker. Born just four weeks apart these two were inseparable from the moment they could talk, walk, run and find their way along the river to catch squirrels, rabbits and whatever came along. Harmon Walker and Monroe Cartwright were best friends too and the fathers of these two rascals. Jane and Mary Elizabeth their mothers were even closer. Imagine getting skunked: I did. Imagine having to sleep outside until the smell wears off! No fun! The beginning of the book deals with the antics of theseā€¦

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