In the Clearing: Robert Dugoni

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IN THE CLEARING: Robert Dugoni.
Closure is something everyone needs whether it’s a relationship that has gone south, a job that they have gotten fired from or in this case the truth behind a death. Sometimes what appears to be the cause of death or the result of a situation may look like one thing on the surface but when you scratch beneath the dust, mud, dirt, grass and dig down into the deepest layer of earth you might find the truth. A young 17-year-old girl named Kimi Kansaket is missing after working her shift at the Columbia Diner. Kimi was a senior in high school with a bright future as a track star and dated a young man named Tommy Moore. But, when she does not return home from her shift at the diner her parents became concerned and called it in to law enforcement. The year is 1976…

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