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Guns and weapons being brought into Boston and hopefully sent back to Ireland are at the heart of this novel. Assault rifles and others have been brought here into Boston Harbor and then hopefully ordered to be sent to Ireland . Cal O’Brian and Dante Cooper have tried to rid Boston are the Irish Mob. The political landscape of the city and the culture of the people described lets readers know early on that everyone is out for themselves hoping to own and claim parts of the city. We Are Kings is a highly complex novel that flashes back and forth between different locations in Boston and Ireland. The heat is oppressive as the authors describe the stagnant area, the lack of air conditioning and the smells that fill the air as people attend to their lives. The tension and stress is compounded by the heat and…

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Revenants: Scott Kauffman

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Revenants: Scott Kauffman

Imagine spending your life in a hospital bed because someone wants you hidden. Imagine returning after death or a long absence. When returning from the beyond this figure or person might be prompted by revenge or in other cases it can be a creature or in this case a man whose desire to fulfill a special goal hoping not to die alone might bring him back to return a dead hero. Within the pages of this novel you will see the bodies of soldiers that are no longer whole. The mortar, shells, the gunfire and the death toll rises around these soldiers sent to fight what many think is a senseless war. Hoping someday to survive each battle, some taking blame when their troops are killed and yet others courageous yet disheartened in the end. This novel has many themes and is quite complex. As the story…

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Serpents in the Cold

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The time period is 1951 the place is Boston and the air is cold, dank, damp and the sky is filled with freezing snow falling to the ground. The streets are filthy, the area is filled with drugs and danger and the city and the scenery is depressing. Scollay Square is where the story takes place in this city but the descriptions, the people the apartments and houses are so worn down and so unkempt it reminds me of a battered world where everything is torn apart. The radiators in the apartments barely bring up the heat and the lower areas of the windows are not insulated and most people freeze. The streets are not cleaned and when the authors describe the windows, the restaurants, bars and coffee shops you wonder why anyone would frequent them. Within in culture lives Cal ‘Obrien and Dante Cooper who have been friends forever…

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Synoposis: Debai Betrayal: Jeremy Burns

During a desperate attempt to rally support for a controversial Middle Eastern peace summit, U.S. Ambassador Christine Needham is kidnapped on an unauthorized visit to Dubai. Forced to walk a thin line between diplomacy and effectiveness, President James Talquin assembles a new covert team, helmed by black ops veteran Wayne Wilkins, to rescue the ambassador before she is executed by terrorists. But the ambassador is in possession of a dangerous secret, one that, if not recovered in time, could lead to the most devastating terror attack in history.

Now Wayne and his team are on a collision course with unseen forces that seem to be manipulating world powers toward a devastating conclusion. With a nuclear apocalypse just hours away, the operatives must confront a new kind of jihad, one that breaks all the rules of warfare and terrorism.

But all of the players may not…

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The Seven Year Dress: POWERFUL

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The Seven-Year Dress

A country and a world blindsided by the greed, prejudice and overpowering attitude of one man that took the world by storm and left devastation, annihilation and terror within the hearts of so many. Grief and sadness are not strong enough words to relate how anyone with feelings and a heart comes away after reading the story of one young girl who would never lose faith, face or her dignity no matter how many times she was belittled, tortured and berated: Helen Stein: this is for you!

With the Holocaust looming around the corner and Hitler slowly rising through the ranks it is sad that the people living in Berlin had to be subjected to this pompous, zealous and self-absorbed poor excuse of a human. Helen is strong minded and although faced with critical choices from the beginning and hoping to find a way to listen to…

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Brighton: Michael Harvey

Creating a new present is not easy but first you have to escape your past. Kevin Pearce and Bobby Scales are close friends each one looking out for the other. Living in a town called Brighton where the streets were filled with gangs, heavy violence and crime these two friends form a bond that will run its course over several decades. When Kevin’s grandmother is killed and is the one person that harbored him love and understood him, proud of his accomplishments and never faltering in her advice is found brutally killed something within him snaps. Violence and revenge take over and Kevin seeks out the killer and what happens next is earth shattering as Kevin is forced to leave at the age of 15 and 22 years later his life as a successful investigative reporter might come to an end.

The story unfolds in the present…

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Forgive Me

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Forgive Me: Daniel Palmer

Angie Derose and Nadine Jessup came from two different families and two different worlds yet they were the same. Nadine’s parents were neglectful, hard on her and never really supported anything she did. Although she always got high grades in school her mother never complimented or praised her and threatened if she did not do well. Verbally abusive, a father who sent tons of money but no love or hugs, just guilt money, neither parent saw what others might have had they been looking closer: A sad, lonely, angry and dejected teen whose mother spent her days drinking and abusing liquor, going through the motions of life and not wanting any responsibilities that go along with it.

Angie Derose is a private investigator whose primary goal is to find runaways or throwaway whether children, teens or adults. Angie’s family is different from Nadine’s in that her…

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