Colton Cowboy Hideout

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Colton Cowboy Hideout: Carla Cassidy

Circumstances often find people in situations that are critical to their needs and at other times might place them in harms way. Wanting to fulfill a dying wish of her late father Matthew Colton, a known serial killer in prison, Josie returns to the Colton Valley Ranch in order to recover a watch that her father wants buried with him when the time comes. Added in he hints that within that watch and where it is found there is something hidden.

Entering the home and meeting the family is quite an experience for Josie as the wife of the man who owns Colton business and is a billionaire baron has a family that most would rather not deal with or claim to even know. Each one Elderidge the father and Whitney his wife has children from previous marriages and three together. Each of their children…

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