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Just how honest do you want to be? Can you seriously tell someone what you are really thinking, be straightforward and not mince your words? What about the person’s feelings do they come into play at all? Trumped! Beyond Politically Correct by Peter Davidson might not answer directly answer these questions but incase you are in need of an answer when someone asks a question or you not sure how to react to certain situations this book will definitely put you on the right track. Sometimes situations call for being blunt and direct but just how blunt do you want to be? Having a tough day and need something to perk you up like advice on talking to your 15 year old grandson about the facts of life and having to watch just how you tell him about your escapades when his age. Wait until you read what this grandfather…

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Beat the Rain

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Beat the Rain: Nigel Jay Cooper

If you stand in the rain or dry to avoid the drops you might find yourself wet, soaked or in a world filled with uncertainty as you sift through the tiny droplets and wonder where each one may fall and how it will affect you. Life can hand you many thunderstorms, hailstones and even short drizzles as these weather conditions can be compared to lives that are filled with sunshine at first, turn cool, then slightly wet and wind up in turbulent storms filled with hailstones and ice that will engulf so many they might never be the same. Louise and Tom had what they thought was a great life or a start to one but then it all disappeared. Do you ever really know what is going to happen in life? Can you predict the changes within others and yourself? Louise had a…

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