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Chakana: W.E. Lawrence

Kate Rhodes is a trained marksmanship and is quite capable of taking out criminals and saving hostages with one quick shot. When bank robbers take over the bank in Athens, Ohio, her father, Chief of Police wants her to remain at her desk. But, after being on the force for two years she insists that she can be of help and he allows her to come but only if she remains in a position where she can see the action but not take part. Things get out of hand and the robbers take hostages and eventually kill two when they get the upper hand and the police force is made to retreat. Forgetting that Kate is there she uses her good judgment and manages to take out all of the robbers and safe the hostage. Thus begins the real story as her father suspends her from duty…

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Puppy Love for the Veterinarian

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Puppy Love for the Veterinarian by Amy Woods

Abandoning children is a serious crime but one that is not uncommon. The same is true when precious animals are left out in the frigid cold hoping that they will survive on their own yet not really caring about their fate. June Leavy works in a pizza shop with a woman who is like a mother to her named Margaret. A heavy winter storm is the backdrop for the major scene that sets the stage for this romance novel. As June and Margaret get ready to close up for the evening June volunteers to throw out the trash and when doing so she find two precious puppies hidden away among the trash and whose cries she hears above the sounds of the raging storm. Not knowing what to do she takes these puppies and puts them in her coat pocket to keep them…

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Guilty Minds: Joseph Finder

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Guilty Minds: Joseph Finder

Within the world of media there are some that will expose the lives of others regardless of whether the information is true or has been verified. Falsely speaking of someone is a crime. Ruining his or her reputation can leave you open for a defamation of character suite as you gossip, vilify and destroy someone’s reputation. Slander Sheet. Website is an online publication that prides itself on releasing information about celebrities, television personalities, political figures and anyone that makes the news. Nick Heller is about to enter this world as he has been requested by a powerful lawyer to bring down Scandal Sheet who is about to release a story about the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.

Kayla Pitts is a young, naïve girl who has been roped into a situation that she cannot get out of. Money was the lure at first and then…

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