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Just how honest do you want to be? Can you seriously tell someone what you are really thinking, be straightforward and not mince your words? What about the person’s feelings do they come into play at all? Trumped! Beyond Politically Correct by Peter Davidson might not answer directly answer these questions but incase you are in need of an answer when someone asks a question or you not sure how to react to certain situations this book will definitely put you on the right track. Sometimes situations call for being blunt and direct but just how blunt do you want to be? Having a tough day and need something to perk you up like advice on talking to your 15 year old grandson about the facts of life and having to watch just how you tell him about your escapades when his age. Wait until you read what this grandfather…

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Beat the Rain

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Beat the Rain: Nigel Jay Cooper

If you stand in the rain or dry to avoid the drops you might find yourself wet, soaked or in a world filled with uncertainty as you sift through the tiny droplets and wonder where each one may fall and how it will affect you. Life can hand you many thunderstorms, hailstones and even short drizzles as these weather conditions can be compared to lives that are filled with sunshine at first, turn cool, then slightly wet and wind up in turbulent storms filled with hailstones and ice that will engulf so many they might never be the same. Louise and Tom had what they thought was a great life or a start to one but then it all disappeared. Do you ever really know what is going to happen in life? Can you predict the changes within others and yourself? Louise had a…

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Elephants in the Room

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Elephants in the Room: Charlene Wexler

This is a book that will bring back memories that everyone has growing up, going to parties with friends, living life as a teen and even falling in love. The compilation of serious, humorous, heartfelt and emotional stories will set your curiosity buds on fire as you open to the first story which brings back memories of the famous Rexall Drugstore, working for her father and being called at 16 Ms. Doc the author relates her experiences dealing with growing up during the 50’s and 60’s. Going to the grocery store to pick up what her father needed lets readers know that Chicago back then is no different now and the ending will remind you as the author states: Who says Chicago is dull? The second story focuses on life in general and the things her mother taught her growing up but the next…

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Imagine living during the era of Queen Elizabeth I

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If You Were Me And Lived in Elizabethan England: Carole Roman

Illustrated in color by Paula Tabor

Which England would suit you better the first one with all of the modern conveniences or the one from the 1600’s? if you were me and lived back then you would have been born over 400 years ago. This time period brought on many changes following the Middle Ages where people were open to learning and doing new things. The word Renaissance comes into play during this time and it means “rebirth of ideas and new points of view.” This time period is called or referred to as the Elizabethan time period because Elizabeth I was the queen of England. England became a super power under her rule as she sent out explorers to find and learn about new lands and bring back what they discovered or found. People were rich but a…

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A Texas Soldier’s Family

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A Texas Soldier’s Family: Cathy Gillen Thacker

When forced to return home from his last tour of active military duty Captain Garrett Lockhart will reenter the world that his family created and a foundation that is about to dissolve due to a scandal that will play heavily on the future of everyone involved. Broken promises to area non- profit organizations is at the heart of this novel as 25 million dollars in donations and funding to many different foundations in need of help disappears. When the books are opened and the checks that are cleared are noted in their ledger what really happened to the money will set an entire family on a deadly collision course hoping to rebuild their reputation, save their foundation and keep their family together.

When Garrett arrives home he meets his mother Lucille the CEO of their foundation but first on the plane ride to…

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Stung: Laura Wharton

Sometimes situations that can be annoying or make you angry just might bring about good results that you do not expect. Sam McClennan loves sailing in his boat, Angel, but even boats get tired and when it frizzles out and he needs to get some major repairs done lucky for him that he is able to dock close by to someone he has not seen for a long time. Aunt Lou is someone who might seem like a Senior but don’t you dare say that out loud or to her face. I am so with you Aunt Lou. Spunky, full of energy and definitely the best cook on this planet, Aunt Lou is so glad to see Sam at her door: Why? she has just be accused of murder? Can you believe that? Would she go and kill the man she was supposed to marry? Harvey Bishop…

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Colton Cowboy Hideout

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Colton Cowboy Hideout: Carla Cassidy

Circumstances often find people in situations that are critical to their needs and at other times might place them in harms way. Wanting to fulfill a dying wish of her late father Matthew Colton, a known serial killer in prison, Josie returns to the Colton Valley Ranch in order to recover a watch that her father wants buried with him when the time comes. Added in he hints that within that watch and where it is found there is something hidden.

Entering the home and meeting the family is quite an experience for Josie as the wife of the man who owns Colton business and is a billionaire baron has a family that most would rather not deal with or claim to even know. Each one Elderidge the father and Whitney his wife has children from previous marriages and three together. Each of their children…

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