Enter the doors of Manhattan Hospital: Bedlam’s Door

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Bedlam’s Door: Mark Rubenstein

A piece of blown glass is very fragile and if placed in the wrong spot or on the edge of a table it might crack into many different pieces. The outer shell of an egg when cracked to prepare a dish will often fall apart into many different segments not able to be put back together again. People are often placed in situations which make them fragile, afraid, fearful or just scared of what life holds in store for them and need the support and understanding of family, friends and maybe even a therapist to rebuild them and hopefully prevent them from falling into pieces that the outer shell of an uncracked egg or a piece of blown glass that has been created as a work of art. Within the pages of this book you will enter the halls, corridors and rooms in Manhattan Hospital and…

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Bullet under the Blue Sky

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Bullet Under a Blue Sky: Bill Larkin

You are out for the day with your family and you are driving over a bridge when all of a sudden you feel a shimmer, shake and the bridge collapses. Your car goes over the edge and is hanging by a thread. Someone else is riding in a train or even an elevator in high rise building coming from the top floor hoping to reach the lobby and go to lunch when all of a sudden the elevator falls, the car turns over and all that is left is rock, dust, glass and debris with bodies all over the place. A sudden movement of the earth’s crust caused by the release of stress accumulated along geologic faults or by volcanic activity caused what you experienced, an earthquake. Some are stronger than others and we often think that even though scientists predict these catastrophic…

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Recall: David McCaleb

Creating a new life for himself “Red” Harmon has put the past aside and cannot reflect or remember who or what he did before marrying Lori. Three children strapped in the back seat of his car as three men attempt to mug him and take his wallet, this man puts on a commando act that would reflect the prowess and ability of ten men on any Swat Team. Walking back to their mini van in the Walmart parking lot, no one in sight he assists his wife with loading their purchases into the rear of the car. But, three men, gang members approached to wrong guy as in quick hand movements and three seconds he kills two of the robbers and puts the other one in the hospital. Taking the robber’s gun and going to shoot him, his wife screams and the person he turned into leaves…

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Six Gun Showdown

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Six Gun Showdown

Imagine hearing the voice of someone you thought was dead on the phone. Imagine that this person was thought to have been murdered by a killer known as The Moonlight Strangler. Yet, the person on the phone is your ex-wife and the next think you know she shows up at your door on your ranch in Texas. Why? The voice mail said: I’m not dead.” But when Jax Crockett comes face to face with his ex-wife Paige sparks are about to fly in more ways than one as she is now being hunted, taunted and chased by a serial killer. Jax and Paige have a young child named Matthew and it’s because of him that that she pretended to be dead in order to protect him and Jax.


Different people threaten things spiral out of control as Paige and a package is delivered to the police…

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Secrets and Lies

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Secrets and Lies (Rookie K-9 Unit)

Situations do not often lend themselves to what you think they will as Ariel Martin learns when moving to a small town hoping to finally feel safe. Things in this small town seem to be on the downslide as there have been many unsolved murders and Ariel, who is teaching summer school, falls victim to an unknown assailant. Attacked in the classroom while preparing for the following day, this widowed teacher has to find safety for herself and her unborn child. But, this is another in the K-9 series and new officer and rookie Tristan McKeller has a sister in her class and with his dog and trustworthy friend he hopes to keep her safe from harm. But, Ariel for some reason does not readily accept help and although the townspeople mean well she has a habit of pushing them aside. Her past is…

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Beauty and the Bodyguard

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Beauty and the Bodyguard

Megan Lynch is about to walk down the aisle with her future husband Richard or maybe not. Events that were supposed to take place take a turn for the dangerous as gunman surround the wedding party, some pretending to be bodyguards and for some reason someone wants to stop the wedding while others want it to be more like a shotgun wedding and want the bride to make sure she says her I Do’s. But, Megan is about to learn that the man she loved an ex-marine named Gage is not dead but very much alive. Added in he has been hired by a security firm to protect her but she has no idea from who or what. Things begin to spiral out of control when she realizes he’s alive, someone comes to explain why he is there and another tries to kill her. Someone is…

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The Widower’s Wife

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The Widower’s Wife: Cate Holahan

What would you do if you life took a financial downward turn; your wife is hard at work and you hard at drinking and collecting women? What would you do in order to create a better life for yourself, pretend to be a loving husband who wants forgiveness for his many transgressions leaving their three year old daughter possibly without a mother if this conniving, useless, sociopath husband can figure out a plan that will convince an insurance investigator, the police and even his wife that sometimes staying dead will make everyone happy and of course rich. When an insurance investigator named Ryan Monahan gets thrown into the mix to solve this case and decide whether someone ahs committed the perfect murder or did Ana Bacon really jump over the side of a ship, was she pushed or did someone kill her? Accidental death, suicide…

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The Journey

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The Journey: Jamie Lynn Boothe

Within the world there are people that feel helpless, hopeless and think they are all alone. Imagine what happens when you find yourself living in a back alley, homeless, jobless, no money and decide to take the easy way out and take your own life? But, sometimes as the author states a Higher Power comes into play or you might say Divine Intervention and a miracle occurs and you just might be safe. As Samantha found herself all alone, raggedy and filled with despair and took a sharp object and wanted to end her life, little did she know that Cindy would come out of nowhere and save her? This is a story about hope, trust, fear, friendships, rebuilding and redemption when one young girl learns the true meaning of rebuilding and hopefully will not go back on Intimacy the drug that almost took her…

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Hurry Moon

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Hurry Moon: Paul Steinberg

Dalton Hunter is smart, astute and is living a life that most children would never expect. A father who is tough on him and refuses to understand that a boy can have a sensitive side and has difficulty making friends when his life is comprised of one big moving van to just about anywhere his father lands a job. At seven years old Dalton finds it hard to adjust at times but something miraculous is about the change all that. What would you do if someone appeared out of nowhere in your dreams and became your new best friend? Of course you can’t tell anyone about this person it’s your secret pal who from now on will help you through the rough patches in life? But, what if this person is only in your dreams and although you have some amazing and magical times together you…

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Murder on Pointe

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Murder on Pointe: Cindy McDonald

Excitement and thrilled that she was going to see her closest friend dance the lead at the Benedum Center, little does Fiona Quinn know that she would be at the heart of solving a murder. Fiona spent man years dancing and has not point on pointe shoes for longer than she can remember yet what happens within the first few chapters of this novel lets you know that some dreams can get rekindled even when the situation is not exactly what you might expect. Accidents seem to be at the heart of this novel and the basis for some of the tragedies that come to light as we get to know Fiona who was injured many years ago and dance became a think of the past and teaching kindergarten the present. But, her closest and best friend has been given the lead in Coppelia and…

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