Peregrine Island

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Peregrine Island: Diane Saxton
Imagine finding out that a painting hanging on your wall for many years is worth millions. Dusty, old, and yet the paint itself looking pristine you decide to find out its worth. It is the story of Winter, Elise and Peda three women who have inherited this painting thinking it was created and painted by Simon Crandor. Each character is portrayed separately and depicted quite vividly as the author allows readers to hear the thoughts and feelings of each one beginning with Winter Peregrine, living on a private island on the Long Island Sound with her daughter Elsie, not very close or caring about her, her granddaughter, Peda who seems closer to her than her own mother and two art experts who make their way into her home, creating havoc, appearing to appraise the painting a family heirloom and present a front that will make readers…

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My Darling Dorothy: Jo Virden

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My Darling Dorothy: Jo Virden

Wars can tear families apart and create struggles, sadness and unhappiness for those left behind. The uncertain, the not knowing whether someone is alive or dead can create a stress and fear within those that hang on to the letters that come. Difficulties arise, the Great Depression sets in and the story takes us inside the hearts, desires and minds of Dorothy, Jack and Tommie in novel based on real life letters titled: My Darling Dorothy. From the start her parents controlled Dorothy, mainly her father who sets the tone for many of the scenes letting readers and Dorothy know what is expected from her. Carol her best friend and confidant takes her under her wing and brings her to a USO dance to meet young men. This is where our story begins when she meets Jack, dances with him to the Tennessee Waltz and…

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