The Janus Project

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The Janus Project: Brad Anderson

Your entire family is wiped out in a flash. Your wife and daughter paid with their lives because you were at the wrong place at the wrong time. But, the person who caused this crime is one of the most dangerous criminals in the world and because of what you know and the fact you have to testify against this killer your life is about to change forever. The FEDS have created a special place for what they call marquee witnesses. Some would think it would be a witness protection program relocating you to another state and being carefully monitored. Not so. This program is unique unto itself, as each person that is a part of it is placed not where but in a different when. John Callan is the man who is paying with more than his life to attempt revenge against Morgan Ropp…

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Spotlight: Blood Symmetry

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Clare Riordan and her son, Mikey, are abducted from Clapham Common early one morning. Hours later, the boy is found wandering disorientated. Soon after, a container of Clare’s blood is left on a doorstep in the heart of London.

Psychologist Alice Quentin is brought in to help the traumatized child uncover his memories, with the hope that it might lead the authorities to his mother’s captors. But Alice swiftly realizes Clare is not the first victim… nor will she be the last.

The killers are desperate for revenge… and in the end, it will all come down to blood.

Author Bio:

Kate Rhodes is the author of four previous Alice Quentin novels, Crossbones Yard, A Killing of Angels, and The Winter Foundlings. She is also the author of two collections of poetry, Reversal and The Alice Trap. She writes full-time now, and lives in Cambridge…

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