zealy’s very first swim

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Zealy’s Very First Swim

Zealy is a precious snow-white seal pub and her best friend is a young Orca named Whubba. In the world today we all need a best friend and so what if they are different than you are it’s what makes the world so special. If everyone were the same think how dull the world would be. So, seals need to learn how to catch fish but first Zealy had to learn something else. Playing on the beach with her father she wanted to learn how he balanced a ball on his nose. But, hers was too small. Zealy is amazing and she wanted to learn how to swim which is a skill that all children need to have. So, her Daddy took her to the water’s edge to begin her first lesson. Patient, explaining what to do our Zealy caught on really fast. But, what is…

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Zealy and Whubba Go Fishing

Roe De Pinto

Learning to swim was the first thing that Zealy remembered but the second is catching fish as the sun shines and day begins. Zealy and Whubba are back for their third adventure and this time she is going to learn a survival skill: Fishing. In order to eat she has to learn how to fish and who better than her father to teach her the skills. Food is important she knows to make her big and strong and when she told her best friend Whubba they were excited. They could practice swimming and catch fish. If they catch enough just think they could have a picnic on the beach. Whubba thought it was a great idea and agreed to teach his best friend how to fish. Zealy crawled into the water and swam down under. Whubba made sure she was safe. They…

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