I killed the man who wrote this book

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I Killed The Man Who Wrote This Book: Theodore Ficklestein

The unique poems within this collection by Theodore Ficklestein tell their own stories about something dark, sinister and scary that happen on Halloween. Each poem gives you an insight to what the author thinks, feels and professes about different events and elements of Halloween. The poems present the viewpoint of someone trying to make you understand what happens when you as in the first poem decide whether you are really afraid of The Scary Place. Imagine someone creating a place that needs its own identity and name but no one can seem to create one. Suggestions are given like “The Dark Dungeon,” or even Screamville.” But, unless it has a great name it might not open but the author thinks that it might have a chance if you call it: That place on the corner of that road with a…

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Murder on Skid Row: Charlene Wexler

Take a trip back in time to when Chicago was riddled with drug lords, gangs, addicts and two men that owned a pharmacy hoping to help their clients but not in the way you would think. The best intentions go unnoticed and even when you are trying to make a difference in the lives of some that feel betrayed, alone or have given up, you just might fail in some respects and not in others. Mel Greenberg is young, idealistic and has decided against his parents and fiancé’s wishes to open up his first dental practice in the area called Chicago Skid Row. Not the best or safest neighborhood for anyone. The characters that live within this area are quite colorful. Abe and Dave own a pharmacy. Abe is a well-liked pharmacist who has his hand and money in many different pots you might…

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