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Anonymous: Christine Benedict

Debra and Greg Hamilton have decided to move into an old house that is in need of more than just plain renovations. The floorboards are unsteady and creak when walked on, the sounds that permeate through the many rooms and the basement would frighten anyone making them think they are not alone. Debra’s mother is in an institution for the mentally insane after killer her husband. Never taking blame for anything Aida, whenever she committed a cruel act would blame it on Debra saying: Look what you made me do. The 100-year-old farmhouse is considered a blacklisted real estate property. Debra’s husband Greg opened his own carpentry business and is rarely home. Never really spending any quality time with her he usually meets his friends for a drink after work. Next door to Debra we meet Julie whose marriage is quite shaky and whose husband’s temper is…

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