Hurry Moon

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Hurry Moon: Paul Steinberg

Dalton Hunter is smart, astute and is living a life that most children would never expect. A father who is tough on him and refuses to understand that a boy can have a sensitive side and has difficulty making friends when his life is comprised of one big moving van to just about anywhere his father lands a job. At seven years old Dalton finds it hard to adjust at times but something miraculous is about the change all that. What would you do if someone appeared out of nowhere in your dreams and became your new best friend? Of course you can’t tell anyone about this person it’s your secret pal who from now on will help you through the rough patches in life? But, what if this person is only in your dreams and although you have some amazing and magical times together you…

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Murder on Pointe

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Murder on Pointe: Cindy McDonald

Excitement and thrilled that she was going to see her closest friend dance the lead at the Benedum Center, little does Fiona Quinn know that she would be at the heart of solving a murder. Fiona spent man years dancing and has not point on pointe shoes for longer than she can remember yet what happens within the first few chapters of this novel lets you know that some dreams can get rekindled even when the situation is not exactly what you might expect. Accidents seem to be at the heart of this novel and the basis for some of the tragedies that come to light as we get to know Fiona who was injured many years ago and dance became a think of the past and teaching kindergarten the present. But, her closest and best friend has been given the lead in Coppelia and…

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