Six Gun Showdown

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Six Gun Showdown

Imagine hearing the voice of someone you thought was dead on the phone. Imagine that this person was thought to have been murdered by a killer known as The Moonlight Strangler. Yet, the person on the phone is your ex-wife and the next think you know she shows up at your door on your ranch in Texas. Why? The voice mail said: I’m not dead.” But when Jax Crockett comes face to face with his ex-wife Paige sparks are about to fly in more ways than one as she is now being hunted, taunted and chased by a serial killer. Jax and Paige have a young child named Matthew and it’s because of him that that she pretended to be dead in order to protect him and Jax.


Different people threaten things spiral out of control as Paige and a package is delivered to the police…

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Secrets and Lies

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Secrets and Lies (Rookie K-9 Unit)

Situations do not often lend themselves to what you think they will as Ariel Martin learns when moving to a small town hoping to finally feel safe. Things in this small town seem to be on the downslide as there have been many unsolved murders and Ariel, who is teaching summer school, falls victim to an unknown assailant. Attacked in the classroom while preparing for the following day, this widowed teacher has to find safety for herself and her unborn child. But, this is another in the K-9 series and new officer and rookie Tristan McKeller has a sister in her class and with his dog and trustworthy friend he hopes to keep her safe from harm. But, Ariel for some reason does not readily accept help and although the townspeople mean well she has a habit of pushing them aside. Her past is…

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Beauty and the Bodyguard

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Beauty and the Bodyguard

Megan Lynch is about to walk down the aisle with her future husband Richard or maybe not. Events that were supposed to take place take a turn for the dangerous as gunman surround the wedding party, some pretending to be bodyguards and for some reason someone wants to stop the wedding while others want it to be more like a shotgun wedding and want the bride to make sure she says her I Do’s. But, Megan is about to learn that the man she loved an ex-marine named Gage is not dead but very much alive. Added in he has been hired by a security firm to protect her but she has no idea from who or what. Things begin to spiral out of control when she realizes he’s alive, someone comes to explain why he is there and another tries to kill her. Someone is…

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