Six Gun Showdown

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Six Gun Showdown

Imagine hearing the voice of someone you thought was dead on the phone. Imagine that this person was thought to have been murdered by a killer known as The Moonlight Strangler. Yet, the person on the phone is your ex-wife and the next think you know she shows up at your door on your ranch in Texas. Why? The voice mail said: I’m not dead.” But when Jax Crockett comes face to face with his ex-wife Paige sparks are about to fly in more ways than one as she is now being hunted, taunted and chased by a serial killer. Jax and Paige have a young child named Matthew and it’s because of him that that she pretended to be dead in order to protect him and Jax.


Different people threaten things spiral out of control as Paige and a package is delivered to the police…

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