Bullet under the Blue Sky

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Bullet Under a Blue Sky: Bill Larkin

You are out for the day with your family and you are driving over a bridge when all of a sudden you feel a shimmer, shake and the bridge collapses. Your car goes over the edge and is hanging by a thread. Someone else is riding in a train or even an elevator in high rise building coming from the top floor hoping to reach the lobby and go to lunch when all of a sudden the elevator falls, the car turns over and all that is left is rock, dust, glass and debris with bodies all over the place. A sudden movement of the earth’s crust caused by the release of stress accumulated along geologic faults or by volcanic activity caused what you experienced, an earthquake. Some are stronger than others and we often think that even though scientists predict these catastrophic…

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Recall: David McCaleb

Creating a new life for himself “Red” Harmon has put the past aside and cannot reflect or remember who or what he did before marrying Lori. Three children strapped in the back seat of his car as three men attempt to mug him and take his wallet, this man puts on a commando act that would reflect the prowess and ability of ten men on any Swat Team. Walking back to their mini van in the Walmart parking lot, no one in sight he assists his wife with loading their purchases into the rear of the car. But, three men, gang members approached to wrong guy as in quick hand movements and three seconds he kills two of the robbers and puts the other one in the hospital. Taking the robber’s gun and going to shoot him, his wife screams and the person he turned into leaves…

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