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Purrball Meets Burrball in Brazil

Lives can change drastically when it is least expected. Hurricanes, tornados and in this case a devastating earthquake can cause buildings to crumble, bridges to collapse or even skyscrapers to fall to the ground. This is a story of what happens when one family is about to move to Brazil but an earthquake separates family members and their struggle to find the one that is missing. Purrball is Darryl’s best friend and he’s a cat. Darryl is telling us how he has said his farewells to his friends and Purrball is excited to come along to Brazil. He’s a little afraid that he is going to ride in the plane on the floor near Darryl’s feet. Going to the airport both Darryl and Purrball were tired so they decided to search on his map on his phone for their location. They had fun doing this…

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