Pigeon Blood Red: Ed Duncan

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Pigeon Blood Red

Greed, power, unscrupulous methods and people who would do anything for revenge are at the heart of this novel as being unfaithful just turned deadly. Robert McDuffie is into gambling and owes a loan shark named Litvak a lot of money. Not knowing how he was going to pay him back and into him for helping fund his stores, McDuffie tried to talk his way out of having to pay the debt and get an increase in the time he was allotted. Litvak is cunning but obviously not cunning enough to get to know his own employees and when sending them to collect Robert they made a fatal mistake. With a priceless Ruby necklace as the cache in their hands Rico and Jerry hoped to deal with Robert, explain the situation and then make off with the necklace. But, evens transpired and somehow they did not seeā€¦

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