Candles burn and turn into a hot ball of wax as someone’s mind disintegrates the same way turns into a hot ball of wax and then melts: Blood Wedding

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Blood Wedding: Pierre Lemaitre

Take several memorial candles and light them and watch as the wax slowly dwindles away leaving just a film of what was once a vibrant candle remembering someone you loved. As the candle begins to get smaller and smaller you can barely see the outline of the candle as it falls apart in the glass. Imagine someone whose mind is solid, sharp and crisp falling prey to a disease that takes control of their mind but they never know it. As their candle is about to ignite a flame so strong, stringent and hot, the end result as it takes hold, begins to spread will overpower your mind, your body and soul until you no longer know where you are or even who. Sophie Duguet is about to enter her own form of the Twilight Zone or an episode of an Alfred Hitchcock movie with an…

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