The Veritas Deception

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The Veritas Deception: Lynne Constantine

Damon Crosse is the villain in this novel. Some might admire him, as he is strong, cunning, and maniacal. His sinister demeanor, his countenance and his baritone voice resound wherever he is and echo the meaning of what he wants others to understand. Fear, hate, revenge, abuse, torture and whatever means he needs to use including blackmail and murder serves his purpose in life. Creating a world where you fit in or not is part of his goal. Only those that are worthy of life, that can match up to his standards will be allowed to survive. What he has created and the victims at his disposal will not only leave you wondering if this is a figment of the author’s creative imagination or real life. Damon Crosse is just his facade his persona one that the public sees and the companies he runs are…

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