The Empress of Tempera

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The Empress of Tempera: Alex Dolan

Have you ever looked at a picture or a painting and become so entranced that you can barely take your eyes off of it? The colors, the paints, the design are so vividly created and drawn that you become hypnotized and find yourself drawn to the picture and unable to turn your eyes away. Within this novel we meet Paire who is living two lives one that she escaped and another hoping to start over again with a new name and identity. Facing the window of the Fern Gallery Paire Anjou witnesses something that will remain vividly inscribed in her mind. An older man stabs himself in the heart while focusing on a painting by the artist Qi. The picture of this Chinese Empress is so captivating that Paire a young art student standing so close to what happens to the man is covered…

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