The Black Widow

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The Black Widow: Daniel Silva

With what is happening in the news today this book strikes a hard chord as the author takes us inside the training camp of ISIS and teaches readers about their missions, training and the end result of what happens to those that think they are going to Paradise and give themselves up to their ideology and way of thinking. Gabriel Allon works for the Office and is about to become the Chief but not quite yet. Things are getting out of control and they need to find out just what ISIS is planning and the only way to do that is to infiltrate with organization with someone of their own on the inside. But, who would take on this mission, risk their life and pray to Allah knowing that he/she might wind up the same as what they consider their martyrs. ISIS detonated a bomb…

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One Man : Andrew Gross

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One Man: Andrew Gross

Death camps bring back memories that will haunt the survivors forever. The screams, the flesh burning in the ovens as millions were marched to their deaths in a place that no one wants to revisit or see Auschwitz, Poland a place that my grandmother described to me in detail as she was one of the lucky ones to survive but the lasting effects were permanent. One man named Alfred Mendl, his wife and daughtere were sent there as the SS officers marched them to their deaths, he was spared to become part of their plan because of his mind and his work. But, the papers that they were given were burned and told they were forgeries just for the sake of folly of these sadistic men. Alfred Mendl, a professor at the Polish University watched his wife and daughter disappear and he became for appearances just…

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