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Triple Shot: Charles Salzburg, Ross Klavan. Tim O’ Hara

Three stories in this anthology different yet the same in many respects. The first is Thump Gun Hitched focusing on two task force detective. There are two distinct personalities in this segment. Bobby Dane and Haran. Bobby is not an honest cop and he is passing information to someone named Tonjay and selling out the unit. His goal is to sell them out to a group of gun smugglers but since he’s a dirty cop he’s can’t be trusted. Things take a dark turn when Bobby falls into a situation where he has to consider the end result. Haran is the second detective and Bobby was supposed to be the top man on the team as they get set for the raid. A murder or was it an accident or an accidental death that Bobby takes the fall for and refuses…

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A Cunning Plan: Astrid Ardith

Divorce does not always play out the way you want it to and most times can be messy and nasty. Sloane Harper and her husband Tommy seem to have come to a parting of the ways since he was caught cheating on her. But, Sloane does not seem to grasp this and her mode of revenge is to stalk and hang out in front of his girlfriend’s apartment hoping to catch a glimpse of her and maybe even dome nasty dirt. That is just the start of this hectic novel filled with antics you won’t believe, Sloane’s critical mother Bizzy and her do nothing but hilarious housekeeper Claudia who is keeping vigil with her rather than clean her house or do anything worth while. Unfortunately for Sloane someone else is watching Kate’s apartment and this person has another reason which will get Sloane embroiled in…

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