The Dread Line

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The Dread Line: Bruce DeSilva

Within this complex novel there are three distinct plots that the author has intricately woven and linked together. The first is an unusual jewelry heist where someone entered a bank vault, tied up the assistant bank manager and the owner of the jewelry in the box, yet no one saw this person enter or alight from the vault. Taking the jewelry and leaving the box empty yet not harming the two victims. The second is someone is going around kidnapping precious dogs and burning them alive. Why? Who would be so cruel? Finally, the third deals with Conner Bowditch an offensive tackle hoping to be drafted by the Patriots but something about him seems to be off and the NFL and the Patriots want him investigated to make sure they he has nothing to hide. Liam Mulligan was once an investigative reporter in Rhode Island…

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Fever Tree

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Fever Tree: Tim Applegate


Changing the way people perceive you is not always easy. The minute Dieter enter Crooked River, Florida his whole life changed. The people living there enjoy gossiping, speculating and thinking about why someone like him during the time period of the 60’ and 70’s would choose to live in an old hotel in this town. The town speculated and gossiped creating their own reasons as he, Dieter did not want to talk about his past and by not doing that he sets off a chain of events that could prove fatal as the town drug lord, Teddy Mink, thinks he is there to take over his territory. Things start to change as Dieter’s story is shared with readers and we learn about his wife and how she died leaving him alone and empty inside and wanting to start over somewhere else, But, Maggie Patterson’s…

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