Peace with Bees

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Peace With Bees : Nadh Poduri

What do bullies and bees have in common? You are about to find out but first meet Ephan who is an adorable elephant with a serious problem. He lives with his mommy on the island of Moonar and loves to do silly things just like an kid would. He even enjoys teasing his friends and he gets into trouble many times. So, what happens when someone bullies him and does something awful making his day the worst day ever? First of all meet Sid the elephant who is very smart and friends with our Ephan who enjoys being silly. Sid reminds him that this is not the way for an elephant to act. Barney is mean and loves to bully others. Ephan does not like him and he tries to bully Ephan and his friends. Most of the animals living on this island do…

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