Hockey Karma

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Hockey Karma: Howard Shapiro

The career of an athlete takes on different shades of success as time wears on. At the start of a career you might soar to the top, be considered the best but aging at times can slow you down and hinder your growth, fame and potential. But, an injury while playing can destroy it all if you do not tend to it in a responsible way. Jeremiah “Jake” Jacobson is now 32 years old and considered the world’s best hockey player. Playing 14 years and really quite talented the start of this book shows a remarkable change from his beginnings in the first book of this trilogy. An injury while playing costs him his common sense, ingenuity and ability to play smart. Staying on top is all that matters to him but at times his thought processes and his choices will hinder the outcome as this…

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The Judas Game

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The Judas Game: Ethan Cross

Imagine having a known serial killer and an FBI agent working together to bring down what is happening in a prison. Imagine not being able to stop this killer until he takes down every person that ever wronged him in life. When you enter the courtyard or this prison you would think that you were safe since there are so many guards around with guns pointed at you and a security system that can override anything you might try to do. Entering the courtyard you don’t see a lone shooter taking aim at you and what happens next is as a result of someone being programmed and told to take out four prison guards and follow orders or take the risk of losing his life and his family. Ray Navarro claimed he had no choice as a voice on a phone explained what would happened…

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