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My Sweet Angel: The True Story of Lacey Spears, the Seemingly Perfect Mother Who Murdered Her Son in Cold Blood

English-born John Glatt is the author of Lost and Found, Secrets in the Cellar, Playing with Fire, and many other bestselling books of true crime. He has more than 30 years of experience as an investigative journalist in England and America. Glatt left school at 16 and worked a variety of jobs—including tea boy and messenger—before joining a small weekly newspaper. He freelanced at several English newspapers, then in 1981 moved to New York, where he joined the staff for News Limited and freelanced for publications including Newsweek and the New York Post. His first book, a biography of Bill Graham, was published in 1981, and he published For I Have Sinned, his first book of true crime, in 1998. He has appeared on television…

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My Sweet Angel: The True Story of Lacey Spears, the Seemingly Perfect…


Blueprint for murder so expertly executed and orchestrated that many medical and health officials although noticing red flags and seeing medical emergencies failed to stop what one mother planned. Department of Human Resources and other child protective agencies monitored what this mother claimed to be doing to care for her child yet the blinders that they wore were as powerful as if everyone had blinding cataracts preventing them from seeing clearly and blurring their vision or the truth. Within the headlines in January of 2015 Lacey Spears finally got what she so rightly deserved and probably deserved more as a court of law finally sentenced her in the death of her five-year-old son Garnett. As the story opens we meet her as she manages to infiltrate the lives of many unsuspecting mothers who fall prey to…

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Thunder: An Elephant’s Journey

Although the characters within this novel are animals young teens and middle school children can learn many lessons. When a young elephant is born into a tribe and the celebrations have been completed the mother is responsible to teach the child survival skills. As the mother rejoices and names her new born child Thunder she begins teaching him as other mothers do how to communicate with his tribe, how to understand danger and what happens when you find yourself in trouble. Thunder is smart and enjoys playing with the other elephants in his tribe especially Serenity. As he grows and the others do too they develop a daily routine, learn how to swim, play and enjoy the forest but also learn the dangers of what happens when some do not value the lives of these animals and use it for ill gotten gains.
When a bounty…

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Skin and Bone: Robin Blake

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A young girl working in the tanning pits finds a newborn baby inside of the tannery skinning pits starting off a chain of events for Titus Cragg the Coroner. But, the inquest takes time and statements need to be taken as Ellie Kite is the young girl who found the body and the situation calls for finding out if this is murder or did the child dies before being born. What kind of mother would do this and kill a child and who would pay the price? With the aid of Dr. Luke FIdelis he hopes to find the answers but not before an inquest is done but not everything goes according to the proper protocol as the place chosen to do the autopsy and for the inquest is plagued by a deadly fire. Who did this and why fire Cragg from his position? What is being covered up and…

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The Keller Papers

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The Keller Papers

Take a long trip back in time to WWII and learn more about the atrocities inflicted on the Jewish people and many others who were felt to be inferior and not fit to stand near anyone of the German Superior Race. As the story opens we meet Professor Erik Keller, who is about to defect from Poland to the West. The year 1983 the month February the time period the Cold War. But, although he is a world famous nuclear physicist, and is protected with by a security force to make sure that he leaves the Hotel Imperial in Vienna safely the entire mission is blindsided as Sir Alex Campbell and Anna Kaluza from the British secret service and from Warsaw, tried to get Keller into his car but not before he falls to the ground, drives to Vienna airport for a flight to London. But, although…

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To the Brink: Cindy Mc Donald

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To The Brink: Cindy McDonald

The soldiers and military men that enlisted to protect our country, borders and officials from terrorist attacks and even other members of law enforcement have an obligation to keep all Americans safe from harm. But, what would happen if these same people the ones that are supposed to protect are turned into human weapons of mass destruction and become killing machines of the highest or higher caliber of gun? Imagine a serum when injected into the vein of an arm that can create a reaction where the individual loses not only control of some of his/her senses and physical abilities but their minds too. What happens when you no longer respond to normal commands but to the words and voice of a psychopathic killer who claims to be a researcher contracted to finish the job that someone else started but before all is said and…

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Skin of Tattoos

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Skin of Tattoos

There is an unwritten code among gangs that you remain in your territory and don’t infringe on others. In reality it might be nice if everyone respected the code and honored it. But, the streets in many cities are riddled with gangs and gang members selling drugs, using women for sport and even worse creating bloodbaths when they feel their turf needs to be enlarged or protected. If someone goes after one of their members or their own retaliation is expected and you never know when. Magdaleno has just been paroled from prison and lives in Los Angeles. Taking the rap and serving time on gun possession perfectly orchestrated by a rival named Rico who has not only escaped prison but also taken over as gang shot caller while he was away. Coming home did not create any stars, smiles, and hugs or glad to see you…

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Weeia on My Mind

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Danni returns in a different role this time as she has been working as a Marshall for 7 months and things are about to change. She is headstrong in many ways and set in the way she accomplishes her tasks. Graduating from the Marshal’s Academy of America, even though her aunt and uncle preferred another career for her, her boss, the obstinate, often rude and directly ignoring her, Francois, was not exactly thrilled that she was there. As a Weeia we know she is smart and quite capable to do her job but her appearance, not quite that professional, puts many off. Living in a rodent infested apartment at first and now moving to the Latin Quarter things change when she is giving another officer to work with namely, Sebastian a new recruit. However, he provides a different side of things as he is handsome, smart and definitely related to…

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How to Settle with the IRS for Pennies on the Dollar

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How to Settle with the IRS for Pennies on the Dollar: Nicole Ofstein and Arnold Goldstein

Do you wake up at night wondering when the doorbell will ring or someone will try and break it down? Do you own a business and are worried you are about to lose everything because you forget or neglected to do something we are all required to do: PAY YOUR TAXES! What were you thinking? Your fears are not unfounded but there are ways to remedy the situation before you wind up as a guest of the state. Within the pages of this book, now don’t be afraid to read it, you might find a viable solution such as the IRS Offer In Compromise Program which encourages people like you who did not pay their taxes and like a child who cuts school is delinquent to settle their back taxes for pennies on the…

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A Life for a Life: Lynda McDaniel

Stereotyping people is wrong and even misdiagnosing a student or older person because they appear to you on the surface to be mentally challenged or slow is not always the case. When the book opens we meet ABIT a young man who befriended the other voice heard throughout this novel. Her name is Della and she too has a difficult past as this young man finds himself sitting outside of her store everyday a murder is committed in the woods not far away as Della and her dog Jake take some time to chill out and relax as she finds the body of a young girl and from this point on their two lives not only intertwine but will change forever. What happens when a murder, a tragedy turns into something positive for two mismatched people? Living in a small town everyone gossips…

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