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Hatchet Women: Nick Sconce

We have all heard about the Terminator or someone that terminates a life but what would happen when four tough, blonds walk into your office and demand your signed resignation on the spot. Meet the Hatchet Women trained to take down anyone that dares to embezzle, launder, cheat or commit fraudulent practices in any one of the companies they handle dealing with many types of insurances.

Edie Firebaugh is the head of the team with these three other women forced to look to part, create a hair color that fits the company’s image that focuses on insurance. Her job is the insurance company’s event planning department which is really a front for her real job or focus which is in special investigations and prevention including agent termination. As Edie, Becca, Austin and Mona dig deep into the pockets, wallets and books of many different areas of…

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