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Sheik Qasim AL –Assad is determined to take on the United in a game of revenge and retribution. Using his two sons to shield and take on missions that would not only bring down the United States by helping to create a virus that the former Soviet Union was testing, would strike against the United States. The Marburg virus disease also known as the Marburg haemorrhagic fever was first learned of and identified in 1967 during epidemics in Marburg, Frankfurt Germany and Belgrade in the former Yugoslavia from monkeys that were infected and imported from Uganda. If let lose the virus is a severe and highly fatal disease caused by a virus from the same family as the one that causes Ebola. These virus are among the most dangerous pathogens known to infect humans. This is known as a virulent virus and has genes and proteins…

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Rituals and initiations are at the heart of this novel as the authors take us within the present time period and one in the distant past. Both are linked together and focus on murder related to the Freemans today and an organization that is similar in the past called the Aurora. As you enter the room where the initiation is to take place we meet the man called the torturer as he wields his sword over the body of the man interrogated and scoured and left for dead. Within the past we learn about a Jewish man that is being burned at the stake in order to get a young lady to reveal what she knows about a missing or mysterious book. The time period is the 14th century France, and the character is called the torturer and is told to write down the words of the young woman…

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