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Amish Christmas Blessings by Marta Perry, Jo Ann Brown

The Midwife’s Christmas Surprise by Marta Perry 

Three years ago, the man Anna Zook hoped to marry left her and their Amish community for the English world. Now devoted to proving her abilities as a midwife, Anna has given up on marriage and children for herself. But when Benjamin Miller returns, now a changed man, can delivering a Christmas baby reunite these two hurting hearts?

Forgiveness is at the heart of this novella as Anna Zook has been living in the past thinking about her love for Benjamin Miller and wondering why he suddenly left without a word. Thinking they were going to become an item and happy she never quite got over his disappearing. Not leaving word as to where he went, why or telling his family anything Benjamin was like a ghost that would vanish. But, something happened and…

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A Life for a Life: Lynda McDaniel

Stereotyping people is wrong and even misdiagnosing a student or older person because they appear to you on the surface to be mentally challenged or slow is not always the case. When the book opens we meet ABT a young man who befriended the other voice heard throughout this novel. Her name is Della and she too has a difficult past as this young man finds himself sitting outside of her store everyday a murder is committed in the woods not far away as Della and her dog Jake take some time to chill out and relax as she finds the body of a young girl and from this point on their two lives not only intertwine but will change forever. What happens when a murder, a tragedy turns into something positive for two mismatched people? Living in a small town everyone gossips…

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