The Killing Forest

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THE KILLING FOREST takes readers on a journey through the past of smart, sharp lead police detective Louise Rick. We learned inThe Forgotten Girls that Louise took a job as the head of the Special Search Agency, where her first big case involved a series of missing girls right in her hometown. Now in THE KILLING FOREST, she reconnects with the principal investigator at the Hobaek Police Department, her former in-laws, a fanatic religious cult, and her longtime close friend, journalist Camilla Lind. As she navigates through the small town’s cramped network of deadly connections, Louise unearths toxic truths left unspoken, and dangerous secrets.


Imagine what happens when a young teen is about to take his right of passage and join his tribe as one of the men. What happens when those that he is close to and is supposed to protect him shun him when he fails to…

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On Novice Empire

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On Novice Empire: Laymon Flack

It is a philosophical look at human society and how we interact with one another. In one section I use corporations as an example of how a created entity becomes greater than its creator and how this is or can be detrimental to humanity and our environment. In another I section I deal with freewill and how the creation of Adam in the bible is the only reason for freewill, which goes against John Lockes argument. In total there are 7 sections which culminate to the idea that being human is the solution or being human is the problem and this is the human dilemma

In this world there are many different variables that control our actions, movements and often allow or not allow us to proceed as humans within a society controlled by laws created by a single few. Within the pages of this…

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