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First Light: Bill Rancic

Lives changed when Daniel Albrecht and Kerry Egan both working for Petrol and when a trip to Alaska for work would change the lives of so many in both tragic and miraculous ways. When a young father decides to revisit the place where a tragic plane crash occurred in the wilderness a decade ago how does he explain it to his son. The car ride would forever change young Jackson’s life as his parents explain his birth, the death of so many and the miracle that brought him life. The setting is deep in the woods of the Yukon and as we meet Daniel and Kerry about to venture on this dangerous mission or trip we also meet many other heroes and heroines. Planning their original wedding when and if they get back home to Chicago never imagining the end result, Daniel is forced to speed…

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Weariland: Mary Shotwell

Imagine living in a place where your time is programmed, no clocks and you are no longer aloud to think or use your imagination. Imagine living in a world that once flourished and was beautiful but had all of the beauty and resources taken away leaving a place that was once called Wonderland turned into a tired and dreary place now known as Weariland: A land that is just tired of what it has become.
Meet Fifteen-year-old Lason Davis who learns about the death of her grandmother but has received a text message that has two words: Hiding Place. Imagine how she felt receiving that test as the last words she would ever receive from her grandmother, Alice, whom she adored. Plagued and haunted by her last words, Lason and her mother Caroline Davies, travel to England for her funeral. But, her mother has an odd way…

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