How to Settle with the IRS for Pennies on the Dollar

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How to Settle with the IRS for Pennies on the Dollar: Nicole Ofstein and Arnold Goldstein

Do you wake up at night wondering when the doorbell will ring or someone will try and break it down? Do you own a business and are worried you are about to lose everything because you forget or neglected to do something we are all required to do: PAY YOUR TAXES! What were you thinking? Your fears are not unfounded but there are ways to remedy the situation before you wind up as a guest of the state. Within the pages of this book, now don’t be afraid to read it, you might find a viable solution such as the IRS Offer In Compromise Program which encourages people like you who did not pay their taxes and like a child who cuts school is delinquent to settle their back taxes for pennies on the…

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A Life for a Life: Lynda McDaniel

Stereotyping people is wrong and even misdiagnosing a student or older person because they appear to you on the surface to be mentally challenged or slow is not always the case. When the book opens we meet ABIT a young man who befriended the other voice heard throughout this novel. Her name is Della and she too has a difficult past as this young man finds himself sitting outside of her store everyday a murder is committed in the woods not far away as Della and her dog Jake take some time to chill out and relax as she finds the body of a young girl and from this point on their two lives not only intertwine but will change forever. What happens when a murder, a tragedy turns into something positive for two mismatched people? Living in a small town everyone gossips…

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