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My Sweet Angel: The True Story of Lacey Spears, the Seemingly Perfect…


Blueprint for murder so expertly executed and orchestrated that many medical and health officials although noticing red flags and seeing medical emergencies failed to stop what one mother planned. Department of Human Resources and other child protective agencies monitored what this mother claimed to be doing to care for her child yet the blinders that they wore were as powerful as if everyone had blinding cataracts preventing them from seeing clearly and blurring their vision or the truth. Within the headlines in January of 2015 Lacey Spears finally got what she so rightly deserved and probably deserved more as a court of law finally sentenced her in the death of her five-year-old son Garnett. As the story opens we meet her as she manages to infiltrate the lives of many unsuspecting mothers who fall prey to…

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Thunder: An Elephant’s Journey

Although the characters within this novel are animals young teens and middle school children can learn many lessons. When a young elephant is born into a tribe and the celebrations have been completed the mother is responsible to teach the child survival skills. As the mother rejoices and names her new born child Thunder she begins teaching him as other mothers do how to communicate with his tribe, how to understand danger and what happens when you find yourself in trouble. Thunder is smart and enjoys playing with the other elephants in his tribe especially Serenity. As he grows and the others do too they develop a daily routine, learn how to swim, play and enjoy the forest but also learn the dangers of what happens when some do not value the lives of these animals and use it for ill gotten gains.
When a bounty…

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